Beginning in the spring of 2013, I left a dream job with a fast growing veterinary pharmaceuticals company. I resigned because I felt that in the mad race for greater revenues, company was  loosing it human touch. Focus was shifting away from people to mere figures & digits. Surprisingly this was accompanied witha diminishing interest in innovation,which reflected in  reduced budgetary allocations for research & technical development, which delivered a serious blow to innovation in products & business processes. This was something I loathed & finally I decided to quit.


Dr. Fayaz Ganie,

Founder & CEO,

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Fayaz directs overall growth of the company, develops and implements the strategies, makes major corporate decisions, manages the overall operations and resources of the company. Fayaz is a veterinarian. He always has a facination for Research and Innovation.He has a couple of publications to his credit  and also owns  a patent for a novel anti-coccidial technology.Fayaz has previously worked with  many locall and multinational companies in the areas of technical services, product development, Marketing, Sales and Exports.

Seeds for contemplation

For next couple of months, I stayed with my family & started contemplating on what exactly I wanted to do. This was my second job from which I was quitting in four years. It was then I felt that perhaps it was time to start thinking about starting my own business. I took a slow approach. I spent next few weeks doing surveillance: looking more closely at some of the veterinary healthcare companies & the products they offer. I thoroughly acquainted myself with their business philosophies & innovation strategies. It was clear to me that except a few, most of the companies had a fundamentally similar approach to research & technical development.

The only constant in the pharmaceutical industry is the change & need of the hour was strategic corporate foresight. Most companies seemed to ignore this or most possibly found it convenient & safe to simply copy products & business practices of financially successful companies. For me it was kind of extremely complex business environment. Healthcare systems (Human, veterinary & environmental) were facing many challenges like microbial resistance, Food Safety concerns, new & emerging infections, Danger from drug residues, Environmental damage & failure of standard treatments. This situation demanded serious research efforts & innovation initiatives to meet twin objectives. Firstly to expand the search for newer therapeutic molecules/Antibiotics, & secondly we had to find alternatives which don’t create a selection pressure, leading to the problem of microbial resistance. I strongly felt new strategies were needed to control & prevent diseases in livestock as a critical component of our effort efforts to alleviate poverty on one hand & to ensure that standard treatments remain effective, infections doesn’t persist & spread to others.



2500 km's away!

Though by now, I had a clear solution in mind. I knew it was the best time to dive in & start my business, but by now I was facing a financial crunch. I accepted a job offer from Provimi India, & relocated to Bengaluru (nearly 2500 Km's away from my home city). I loved every minute of my new job. Yet sometimes I felt like this was very selfish on my part to leave my parents behind for this job. Since I am only son to my parents & had to shoulder a greater responsibility I went through a sort of moral turbulence. On the other hand, I increasingly felt that I was trying to kill the entrepreneur inside me, I had to take the big leap now. Giving up the security of a full time job was no doubt a stressful move for me. To be on the safer side I started writing a business plan. I focused on an effective marketing & operations plan. After a thorough analysis I found the plan to be feasible. I went ahead & finally Truevet was born towards mid- 2014.






Truevet is headquartered in Ganderbal, Kashmir, India. Truevet designs, develops, markets and exports healthcare and nutritional products for poultry, swine and dairy animals. Truevet operations include corporate office, R&D facility, phytogenic innovation center, and manufacturing facility for the phytogenic additives is in pipeline. Truevet is currently engaged in exports only and accordingly entire business setup is fine tuned to efficiently meet the requirements of export business. We operate through a global network of exclusive distributors.

At Truevet, we believe that a company is only as good as the people it keeps. In a time span of less than twelve months, Truevet has successfully built a creative close-knit team of ten people. They head different divisions in the company and make sure that day-to-day business is guided with the goal of achieving our strategic vision and mission.



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