The contribution of livestock sector to the food basket in the form of milk, eggs and meat has been immense in fulfilling the animal protein requirement of ever-growing human population. India has huge livestock wealth in spite of its big potential because of large livestock population, the meat industry in India has not taken its due share. There are a number of reasons for this. The issues of poor hygiene, inferior quality & food safety are considered as real stumbling blocks in the growth of meat industry. However, a number of steps have been initiated recently which have given an impetus to the meat industry. India is set to become world's largest meat exporter. The meat industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% over the next five years. The processed meat industry is growing even much faster, at about 20%.

In our bid to help ensure superior hygiene, quality & food safety, Truevet has set up a state of the art quality control and analytical laboratory for meat and meat products to meet the required domestic and international market standards.


  1. Quality control & Testing services
    Truevet offers independent quality control & testing services to domestic meat businesses as well to overseas buyers of Indian meat.
    1. Ante-mortem & Post-Mortem inspection services at client business premises.
    2. General Meat microbiology & detection of pathogenic germs.
    3. Detection of organic/inorganic containments & organic residues.
  2. Analytical tests
    1. Rapid & reliable identification of meat species by real time PCR, DNA sequencing, & ELISA test.
    2. Monitoring of public health risks through veterinary drug screening & testing in meat by using latest High resolution LC-MS technology.
  3. Audit & inspection services
    1. Independent audit & inspection services to enable clients to Maintain Quality & ensure Food safety.


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