Herbal Methionine

Methionine is one of the most important limiting essential amino acids which has become an indispensable part of poultry & swine diets, & is critical for normal growth, maintenance, production & reproduction. However, the indiscriminate use of synthetic DL-methionine has been questioned by experts in view of rising food safety concerns & huge environmental risk  linked to  Dl-Methionine chemical synthetic producere. Furthermore, use of synthetic methionine for organic production systems is being questioned worldwide & National organic standards board (USDA) has set 31 October 2017 as sunset date for synthetic methionine.

TrueMet, the novel alternative source of active methionine  is developed from natural sources by using advanced modern cutting edge technologies  to ensure superior & consistent performance.

Truemet is rich is bioactives which contain-

    1. Methionine in dipeptide & oligopeptide form  which are more bioactive & bioavailable.
    2. Folic acid  which spares dietry methionine for protein synthesis instead of one carbon transfer reactions.
    3. Recyclers (folic acid & phosphatidyl choline) which help to recycle dietry & supplemental methionine for sustained bioactivity.
    4. Precursors (serine & aspartic acid) & intermediates(SAM & MAT)  which help to maintain endogenous synthesis of methionine.
    5. Methionine in natural & L-isomeric form present which gets easily absorbed & sustains in body for a longer duration of time.

The unique part is Trumet is standardized through advanced High performance liquid chromatography for natural S-Adenosyl Methionine. So that SAM cycle is exploited effectively which results in endogenous methionine production through following cycle.

SAM → SHC → Homocysteine+Adenosine →Homocysteine→Methionine

This cycle needs many enzymes & cofactors. Truemet contains all the intermediates, including SAM, enzymes & cofactors, which work through endogenous biochemical SAM cycle to result in in vivo regeneration of methionine.

Additionally Truemet contains bioactives which mimic  methionine activity within living systems.


  1. Better performance in terms of live weight gain.
  2. Increases feed intake & improves FCR.
  3. Elevates efficiency of protein and energy utilization.
  4. Decreases liver triglyceride level markedly, thus prevents fatty liver.
  5. Improves carcass yield & carcass quality.
  6. Increases feed intake.



Upto 50% replacement of synthetic methionine (500 gm Truemet & 500 gm DL-Methionine per ton of feed).


Upto 80% replacement of synthetic Methionine (800 gm Truemet & 200 gm DL-Methionine per ton of feed).


As per the advice of the nutritionist.


25 kg poly laminated paper bag.

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