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Phytogenics are a new & emerging class of feed additives of plant origin. They are Natural growth promoters (NGPs) & are a favorable alternative to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in livestock production. Phytogenics contain manifold bioactive molecules of botanical origin. When included in diet, they significantly enhance livestock productivity & performance. Phytogenics have been widely tried & tested. Results of numerous scientific investigations have indicated that phytogenics play a positive role in maintaining optimum health & performance.

Truevet advantage!
There are a number of phytogenic products on the market. However some of them miss on safety, some are not consistent in performance, yet many of such products are simply not affordable in view of farm economics. Truevet is committed to set new benchmarks in the phytogenics segment. Truevet boosts of a dedicated state of the art Phytogenics innovation center,where scientists from multiple disciplines like phytochemistry, veterinary pathology, microbiology ,analytical chemistry, Pharmacology & toxicology work in close coordination to design & develop innovative Phytogenic solutions. We use modern cutting edge extraction, Bioassay,& chromatographic technologies to ensure efficacy, safety,& consistency of our phytogenic products.

Phytobioactives for improving digestive functions


Phytobioactives for Reproductive Health management

TrueLiv 5

Phytobioactives based Liver tonic

TrueNeph Plus

Holitistic solution to manage kidney related disorders


Essential oils for respiratory health management

TrueCoc Natura

Novel anti-coccidial technology

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